Monday, April 23, 2007

Bad election information updated with new bad information

Proving its bona fides as a true alternative media outlet, Slow Train to Berkeley, Alameda County's top alternative paper, today re-hashed an out-of-date and badly sourced news item.

During the Fall Little League elections, Bob Jackson was taken to task for accepting money from Chevy's restaurant during his original 2002 campaign. The accusations, cited as proof to how it was that Chevy's became a "fundraising hotspot," were later shown to be untrue.

But that didn't stop reporters from STB! Diving into their role as "alternative journalists" the crack staff re-printed the entire 2002 story, substituting the year 2006, for 2002 and new monetary figures for the older, smaller -- and therefore less infuriating -- ones.

Showing once again why they are the leaders of the East Bay's Alt-Noose movement, reporter Bob Leggons ignored easily found documentation, straight-out logic, and a heavy dose of common sense, writing a compelling article on a highly controversial issue. A seasoned professional, Bob didn't let facts get in his way; the article is a must-read for anyone hoping to understand what might have been happening in town, had it actually happened.

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