Monday, April 9, 2007

Former councilmember upset that new council has its own ideas


When I was on the city council many years ago, I was a lone voice in the wilderness on a lot of issues, yet managed to cajole the council into doing things that I wanted. But ever since my unsuccessful run for mayor, I've found that the new council and mayor are doing things that I don't like. This is not fair.

How dare these young upstarts think that they can ignore eight years of my grumbling and snide remarks?! Don't they realize that I was on the council for eight years? They continue to make decisions as if time had gone forward, as if new decisions were needed, and as if voters had elected them personally, instead of as a stand-in for me.

Voters of this city need to wake up and realize that I'm not on the council anymore. Next election, we'll need to find a candidate who will do exactly what I would have done.

Brenda Karl

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