Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is the mayor taking bribes from local school children?


I thought it was interesting that at the recent School Board/City Council meeting, the mayor spoke out in favor of education for young kids. It made me wonder how she came to hold these views. Could it be that she's in the pocket of the K-12 set?

I'm not saying that she's taking bribes. I'm just suggesting that children 5-18 are giving her money to hold a public opinion that is of benefit to them.

What's really happening here?

Donald Kirkland


Anonymous said...

I've seen not only the mayor but all members of the City Council talking with children and telling them how important education is to the entire Council.

I'm sure if we look into it the Council is guilty of violating the Capt Kangaroo Act. The act passed just recently by the state legislature clearly states that discussing any subject with anyone under voting age is a felony punishiable by having to refuse PAC money for a year.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm suspicious of all this kid-hugging nonsense. These kids today, they've lost all respect for authority, and don't get me started on that racket they call "music." Back in my day, kids were reverent, respectful, and only spoke when they were spoken to. I say, if we keep coddling these young punks like this, they're only going to get bolder and bolder, and THEN who's going to keep those whippersnappers off our lawns?