Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vast Majority of Alamedans All That Outraged over an Online-Only Survey by AUSD Board President McMahon on School Funding

Early this morning, we closed the online-only straw poll which asked people exactly how outraged they are over the online-only survey conducted by Alameda Unified School District President Mike McMahon. Here are the results.

A straw poll, by its definition, is un-scientific, and non-binding, which means we can load up the questions with as much bias or slant as we want. However, that didn't stop people from voting "not all that outraged" anyway, so apparently the questions weren't leading enough. Besides, we don't remember those critics speaking out against Mike McMahon's biased, self-serving online-only survey.

But our purpose was to get people talking about how outraged they are at Mike McMahon in particular and the School Board in general, and many people who responded were appropriately outraged. Here are the results across all eleven options:

In addition, six of the nine respondents took the time to explain their outrage in great detail.

  1. Why would you be outraged? This is the 21st century...
  2. It is making my toes feel like they are on fire!
  3. Considering the source of the outrage I am not surprised.
  4. While Mike McMahon may be destroying our fair island city in the bay, I couldn't rate him a 10. I reserve that for rapists like SunCal.
  5. I can't be bothered to be outraged over this. I have squirrels in my back yard.
  6. I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

And here is a graph below that collapses the ten "not not all that outraged" options, including the "N/A" option, into one bar. Of the people that responded, the vast majority of them are not not all that outraged.

Everyone knows that two negatives completely cancel each other out; it's elementary logic. Thus, the vast majority of people are all that outraged over this online-only survey by AUSD Board President McMahon, and we know there are at least six of them out there just itching to be the first ones to sign that recall petition!