Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friendly Farm Supplier Loves the Alameda Daily Noose

Dear Author of Alameda Daily Noose


This is Howard from, a new real-time search engine dedicated for fast feed discovery. I am writing to invite you to submit a short informative description about the feed you publish at .

At feedmill, we provide not only feed search but also individual feed pages so that users can conveniently examine more details about a feed before they decide whether or not to subscribe to it.

Description about your feed in your own words will be listed under the section titled "Words from the Author(s)" of your feed page at feedmill, and we believe that it will help your potential subscribers better understand what your feed is mainly about and what kind of feedback you want, possibly increasing the number of subscribers to your feed.

You can send me any content you like to be displayed under "Words from the Author(s)" for your feed by replying to this email, and any kind of additional materials in the form of attachments in the reply email would be welcome as well.

I sincerely thank you for all the great content you publish, which makes the service like ours possible. Your attention would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Best wishes,


The Feedmill Team

Editor's Comments:

The Alameda Daily Noose and I are not surprised to once again be the recipients of lavish praise from our readers, but we are a little surprised that this fellow named Howard thinks we are in the animal feed business, and is offering us the use of some kind of engine that speeds up the process of discovering new kinds of feed. Perhaps he was confused by our references to Bay Farm Island, which is actually neither a farm nor an island.

Here at the Noose, the only kind of grain we deal in is the grain of truth. Consequently, the only mill we need is that of our sharp journalistic intellect, which grinds facts and opinions together into a homogenous mixture so rich that most of our readers don't seem to need more than a little bit of it at each sitting.

Nevertheless, we have great admiration for those who labor to turn corn and other vegetable commodities into palatable foodstuffs. We wish Howard much success in his search for new kinds of feed, and in selling whatever kind of feed it is that his company currently churns out.

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