Friday, March 30, 2007

Scoop! of ice cream....

As the Alameda Daily Noose was the first to report, the city council really is full of wafflers. We have now received anecdotal reports that a certain council member was seen at Tucker's Ice Cream on Park Street ordering a "sidewalk sundae."

And just what is this delectable treat? Two scoops of creamy Tuckers fare, sauce of your choice, whipped cream, cherries and nuts if you like. All tidily placed in a .....waffle cone! Proof that this council couldn't make a decision if its life depended on it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Noose,

Your article has made me hungry. Perhaps next time I am on my way to the City Council meeting, after my weekly trip to Lee's World-Famous Auto Supply, I'll stop by Tucker's and order five of their delectible waffle cones to deliver to the members of the city council. Won't that be a treat for them all, to be caught eating WAFFLE cones for all posterity on Cable TV!

Anonymous said...


Action Alameda will call upon all right minded residents of Alameda (you know who you are) to donate to our new waffle fund. With this fund we'll be able to buy not only waffle cones for the council but waffle soled shoes, waffle irons, and actual waffles.

This will show the council we mean business. By the way, can you believe how dumb all those judges are. Why couldn't they see that we're right and everyone else is wrong. The entire membership of Action Alameda will be meeting in a phone booth at City Hall West to hold our breath until we get our way.


Anonymous said...


Great story, but I can't believe you don't have a photo to prove you got the scoop! Normally I would never question your journalistic bona fides, but if you start to let little things like this slide, people who don't know better might start to think you are actually MAKING UP noose so that you always have something to post. I hate to even bring up this chilling possibility!