Monday, March 19, 2007

Something might almost-happen at tomorrow night’s council meeting

We have it on good authority that the Brown Act might almost-be-violated at tomorrow night’s council meeting. The scenario, as it’s been presented to us, is for 2 councilpeople (names protected until the crime’s committed) will start talking while taking their seats about an issue that is coming up before the council. Disaster will be clearly averted, when the other three councilpeople pay no attention to what the two of them are speaking about.

In terms of a might, almost-happen event, temporal/conditional expert Peter Sanger says this rates high, right between “Car almost crashes into estuary after bridge opens, driver safe after applying brakes” and “ Receipt at Peet’s almost forgotten, customer returns in time to request it.”

Sanger, who follows near-miss events with a passion says, “Alameda is just lucky we have councilmembers who are not paying attention before meetings start!”

ADN will continue to keep a watch on these events that don’t happen.

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