Thursday, March 15, 2007

EXCLUSIVE! - Meeting missed by commissioner

In our ongoing coverage "Who's late for a meeting now?", ADN has late breaking coverage of Transportation Commission member John Knox White's non-attendance of the Oakland Chinatown Commission. However, ADNoose has scooped all other noosepapers by reporting that the Transportation Commission Chair was also late to dinner. According to his family calendar, he was to pick up milk and bread on his way home. However, he arrived 10 minutes late without milk or bread which could impact the growth spurt of his children.

Future segments of this groundbreaking series on what's wrong with government will include: "Councilmember gets up for a drink of water," "After Family tragedy, Planning Board member doesn't show up," and "Recreation and Parks commissioner shows up tardy."

Editor's Note: We'd point out its called the Oakland Chinatown Advisory Committee. But we don't nitpick reporting here.

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