Friday, March 23, 2007

Proof that Perata is behind the Theater Project

This photo provides definitive proof of Don Perata's involvement in the Alameda Theater Project. The decisiveness of this left-leaning structural support in the project's garage clearly shows the involvement of the East Bay's notorious progressive politician.

ADN continues to stand behind our strong support for conservative politicians and firmly believes that this project will only succeed if the supports lean to the right.


Anonymous said...

I knew it!
Omygod ... how can we stop this project. I'm sure there are 10 other people willing to march!

It is also proof that the construction is faulty. How are cars suppose to drive on such an uneven surface.

Unknown said...

If you take the picture from the other side, the support is clearly leaning to the right!

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor:

This needs looking into. The mayor should appoint a 50 member commmitee that will go door to door to ensure all residents have a chance to comment on the left leaning tendencies of the rebar.

In addition, a crack team of scientists is needed to check for frontal rebar off gassing (FROG). I understand, on very good authority (I read it on the internet so it must be true) that FROG is one of the major contributors to World Area Release of Terrible Stuff (WARTS).

This is the paragraph where I really make no sense at all but by commenting on something that has nothing to do with this subject I can leave a really long comment and look really intelligent.

Obviously the only answer is to stop the project, have the mayor and council step down, appoint the slate and two action alameda members to fill the vacancies, roll back prices to 1968 levels and live happily ever after.