Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Joan Rhinestoner responds to Cindy Sherman's bus concerns


Cindy Sherman's concerns are unfounded. Buses are like Angels, descended from heaven. A gift of the gods to the mere mortals who drive. If everyone would just stop driving, then buses could run free--literally and figuratively. Every street would have buses, and bus stops would be no problem, because no one would have cars, removing the need for parking removal.

When we reach this glorious day, buses can become like mobile offices. We'll get on them and instead of taking us to the office, we'll be riding on our office. We'll see the sights while completing that one novel we all have inside us.

Cindy, it's time to learn to love the bus, don't be angry.

Joan Rhinestoner

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Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

I'd like to respond to Joan's response to Cindy's response to her child taking a bus.

Busses are evil. If we'd just ban buses then we'd have no density and everyone would move to Emeryville and then we'd really be the vocal majority. Then the council and the planning board whould have to listen to us because, we'd be the council and the planning board. And let's face it, that's the way it should be because only we know what's right for Alameda.

I call on all 13 concerned citizens I agree with to join our new organization; Buses Utilized Really Poorly (BURP). Together the 13 of us can tell everyone else what to do.