Sunday, March 18, 2007

Letter Writers Needed

We here at ADN are having a difficult time coming up with content. We're diving into old reports and memos. In order to continue our fun, free loving site, we need you to come back! We need your letters!

You can't expect us to create informative, explosively entertaining information every day.

Seriously, you can't!

Back in the day, we'd be able to print 1-3 letters from a variety of people, but honestly, the old fingers are tired.

We've tried fake letters. We've printed nearly every press release that comes out. Heck, we'll even start printing letters from people we ignored in the past.....please, just one? Don't give Leslie Little the satisfaction of seeing yet another piece on our site! People will start thinking she works for us. Seriously.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

for the latest in Alameda drama, check out Lauren's or John Knox White (alias Manhattan John)'s. This case may well require a change of venue since the cast of characters is notorious in Alameda, and an impartial judge and jury would be immpossible. Alberto Gonzales, where are you now that we need you.