Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Alameda's City Council full of wafflers?


Why can't our city council make up it's mind? One minute they are kicking out Golden Pin Donuts from the Alameda Theater so they can rebuild the building. The next minute they are welcoming Dragon Rouge to Park Street. Which is it?! Do we need more restaurants? Or do we need less?

And another thing, what's happened to Park Street? It used to be you could walk down the sidewalk on a Friday night without having the hassle of letting baby strollers pass by. The two or three people you'd see would be people you knew. Nowadays, it's like a big city or something.

Why can't our "leaders" stop ruining Alameda!

Elmer Glougf

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Anonymous said...

I love waffles. In fact, according to Sunset Magazine, the best waffle house in the 13 western states is Ole's on Park Street.

Speaking of Park Street, I agree with Elmer. What's with all these street improvements and stores and restaurants staying open later? Those darn people on Park Street are making it too easy to shop and dine downtown. What's wrong with them? Don't they know this is Alameda?

One minor correction Elmer. It wasn't Golden Pin Donuts that was displaced by the theater work. It was Central Donuts. Golden Pin is still alive and kicking on Park Street a few doors down from Peets.

I'm sorry to include a real fact in my post. It'll ruin my record.