Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Margaret James asks "When will council do something about traffic?"

Open letter to the Mayor,

Madame Mayor, as you know I have written to you almost daily about the ongoing traffic problems in Alameda. you have ignored every one of my letters. I must ask "HOW MUCH LONGER are we going to keep up with this growth!!!!!!"

Alameda now has twice as many people living in it than it did when the Naval Air Station was operating. TWICE AS MANY! How can we continue to grow when traffic is so awful? I don't understand why the council has not apprvoed my plan to slowly remove people from Alameda.

This could be done fairly, I suggest creating a committee of 5-7 people who can make the decision. In fact, I KNOW who those 5-7 people should be already. All that's left to figure out is whether we demand that people leave immediately, or take the slower and refuse to let people who buy houses in Alameda actually move into them. SLOWLY OVER TIME , we could get back to the historical populations levels of when the ohlone lived on the pennisula we call Alameda.

MarGAret JamES

p.s. - apologies for the odd use of capitalization, my "shifT" button has been stICKing ever since I SPILLED apple JUice on it.

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