Friday, March 30, 2007

Just how stupid is my council member?


I spoke with my council member last night about a number of burning issues, including the flammability of our city's bridges which I am incredibly concerned about.

Never mind that the bridges are steel and cannot catch fire. It is important that our council members face up to the fact that our bridges might be engulfed in flames is there is ever a fire on them.

How can the council member not see how stupid he is?

Jack Delinger


Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that steel can catch fire! All you need is a bit of kerosene and POOF the whole thing collapses into dust!

But anyways, what's up with the comments on this noose site? Everybody knows that Noose sites do NOT have comments. People have to write in "letters to the editor" which then get appropriately chopped down and published. I demand that you disable comments immediately!

Royce Walthorp

Anonymous said...

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