Monday, February 2, 2009

"Happy Face" Markings on Oak Street the Work of Aliens?

My Dear Editor,

I was enjoying a bit of fresh air last weekend, taking a walk from City Hall, where I had parked, to the Police Station, to file complaints about teenagers loitering in my neighborhood and walking in front of my house. I was surprised to see some odd markings in the street, spaced every few hundred feet. I have never seen such markings before, but they appear, from one angle at least, to resemble a smiling, taunting, perhaps even laughing, face. Normally I would think it was the work of spray-can-wielding teenagers, but these seem too well-crafted to be anything other than the work of aliens. Perhaps these are the urban equivalent of the famous "crop circle" patterns that appear every few weeks in remote place like Yuba City and Iowa.

I am surprised that, even with one of these appearing right in front of our police station (see the second photo), nobody seems to have taken notice of these markings! How long have these been on the street? This is an absolute outrage, and I think we should all write meandering letters to our Mayor and City Council just to let them know how angry we are that they have allowed our city to be defaced by extra-terrestrials.


Dave Williamson

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