Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mayor to Tackle Controversial Issue at Tonight's Council Meeting

Following is a proclamation to be issued by the mayor at tonight's regular meeting of the City Council:

Proclamation declaring February 3, 2009 as "Kittens and Puppies" Day in Alameda


Whereas, kittens and puppies are cute and snuggly, and are a resource of critical importance to our community; and

Whereas, the poor defenseless creatures need kindly humans to nurture them to adulthood; and

Whereas, the Feline And Canine Infant Support Trust has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the urgent need to provide all kittens and puppies with loving homes; and

Whereas, 99.7% of homeless kittens and puppies in our community are so cute you can hardly stand it, and are simply begging to go home with us and be our sweet, innocent, widdle snuggle bunnies;

Now, therefore, I, Beverly Johnson, Mayor of the City of Alameda, in recognition of the ongoing effort to raise feline and canine infants to be happy, healthy, and cuddly adults, do hereby proclaim February 3, 2009, to be

"Kittens and Puppies" Day

in the city of Alameda and urge all citizens to show their brave support for kittens and puppies by commemorating this day by adopting a feline or canine infant, or by scritch-scritch-scritching the irresistibly exposed bellies of adorable kittens and/or puppies. By increasing awareness and empowering kittens and puppies to be just the cutest things, we can overcome chronic cuteness deficiency once and for all.

Beverly J. Johnson


Anonymous said...

hopefully this won't take a turn for the worse and Alameda's As will testify endless against this as setting a bad precedent and all of those puppies and kitties will come thronging thru the tube to be adopted..../s/ Kato & Cleasou's mom....(who adopted us from the Alameda Shelter).

Brenda Snook said...

I agree. There are already too many kittens and puppies on the freeway, and that is not a safe place for them. We don't want them having to come through the tubes, blocking traffic and getting their paws sooty.