Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mayor's Inflammatory Proclamation Gets Right-Thinking Alamedan's Dander Up


What is our City Council thinking when they allow the mayor to make an irresponsible, downright inflammatory proclamation in favor of kittens and puppies? I say inflammatory, because as someone who is strongly allergic to all kinds of dander, I'm not very happy that there are people in my town who own dogs and cats, since I might accidentally find myself in the vicinity of one of those furry little menaces to my health.

I don't see the mayor making any proclamations about sensible pets, like snakes. How am I supposed to explain this obvious discrimination to my pet snake, Ralph? Snakes are much cuter than kittens or puppies. Is the City Council aware that, unlike snakes, puppies and kittens never coil lovingly around one's neck? What good is a pet that can't do that, in addition to getting rid of unwanted rodents?

The Council shouldn't be taking public positions on fundamental issues like this, anyway. We should pass a charter amendment to ensure that every single one of these proclamations is put on the ballot, because who says those five bozos on the council speak for all of us Alamedans? It should be up to the voters to decide that snakes are obviously much better pets than anything that doesn't have scaly skin, as everyone with half a brain already knows.

Frieda Bellows

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