Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earl Ruffhart Has Some Fresh New Ideas to Get Alameda's Economy Moving

Dear Editor:

I've been reading lately about how the only thing that can fix our economy is tax cuts. When the economy is down, we need tax cuts to put money back in our pockets, after all, the last thing you want to do in a bad economy is raise taxes. And when the economy is up, we need tax cuts to let people keep more of their hard-earned money and keep businesses booming, because the last thing you want to do in a good economy is raise taxes. Of course, whenever the economy is so-so, we need tax cuts to give it a little jump-start.

Is there anything that tax cuts can't do? I've been thinking about it, and realized that the answer is no! Tax cuts may very well be the silver bullet we've all been looking for to solve all our problems. For example, I don't see too many people shopping at the Dusty Shelves Market these days. Maybe if the owners got a tax cut, they could hire an employee to dust off the canned lunch meat, and then someone besides me might buy it. And when I'm out walking my dog, he'll sometimes run into my neighbor's yard and ignores my calls until he's done his business, and I have to hide behind a tree so my neighbor doesn't see me. I'm sure my dog wants to be more obedient, but he just needs a little tax incentive. It's like those young punks who ride their skate-boards on my driveway. Maybe if we gave them tax cuts they would go out and get some jobs so they could keep more of their hard-earned money!

Well, I could go on about all the problems that can be solved with tax cuts, but as it stands, I don't get enough of a deduction on paper, typewriter ribbons, white-out, staples, envelopes and stamps. You'll get the rest of this letter as soon as I get my tax cut.

Earl Ruffhart

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