Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shady Banking Practices in Alameda


What?! Not worry about Squirrels? Roy Avery must be light-headed from all of that bagpiping. As anyone who is getting enough oxygen can see from the clipping I enclosed with this letter, now is the time to be more worried than ever about the Squirrel threat.

Its clear from the ad that those cheeky little devils have somehow wriggled their way into a major bank, and are dictating policies there. This highly suspect financial institution admits to having branches in Walnut Creek and Oakmont, which tells you something. The Squirrel-coddling bankers promise "Absolute Security," but for whom? Or, should I say, for what scampering little trouble-makers who want to take our hard-earned money and bury it in crazy places where even they may have trouble finding it? Oh, yes, I'm sure the Squirrels will have no fear of retribution from their monetary cohorts when they try to pay us that 4.5% interest in the form of acorns!

What kind of "newspaper" would agree to run an ad that so blatantly promotes shady banking practices? And are these bankers nuts?

Frieda Bellows

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