Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Walter Drib's Open Letter to Milhous K. "Grrr" Sanka Re: Creation of a "Solar Panel"


As someone who has served on the City's Ennui Board for several years, I object to Milhouse K. "Grr" Sanka's description of boards and commissions in general as "useless," and further implying that their being useless is necessarily a bad thing. One ought to be leery of anything that is too useful, after all, as I know well from my efforts on the Ennui Board to prevent excessive change in Alameda.

The formation of boards and commissions is a well-recognized means of delaying many types of possible change, so I am hard-pressed to understand why Mr. Sanka would object to a new one, unless perhaps he is still resentful on behalf of a certain former Ennui Board member who is close to him. If this former member had attended some of the meetings, maybe she would still be on the board.

Mr. Sanka's accusations regarding plans to blot out the sun are undoubtedly grossly exaggerated, and influenced heavily by his continued bitterness over the Ennui Board incident.

Walter Drib

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