Monday, June 7, 2010

Election Yard Sign Round-up: A Special Report

Last year, our scoop of noose showing the only pro-measure-B (and thus, anti-measure-Acorn) sign to be found in Alameda demonstrated our journalistic integrity and also helped preserve Measure Acorn.

This year, with the election just around the corner (Be sure to vote on Election Day, June 27, or mail in your ballots by June 26) we here at the Alameda Daily Noose thought it would be a good idea to take a drive around the island and see what yard signs are on display, and get a sense of what the public is thinking (and also to keep tabs on any non-Right-Thinking Alamedans).

Naturally, the most popular signs are all the variations of the "Keep Measure A(corn)" signs that are on nearly everybody's lawns, even after nearly four years. We know that there are different sides to the issue, and that the yard signs don't always agree but what we can all agree on is that Measure A must be preserved for all eternity.

As for the current state propositions, we here at the Noose can never keep track of all these confusing numbers, but fortunately the yard signs have made the choices clear.

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Anonymous said...

Well you want to talk about confused, boy was I ever confused when going to the polls without any sort of guidance from Alameda Daily Noose. Why didn't you post some recommendations on how to vote? I know I was one of only 12 people to show up for the voting, but once I was there I was confronted with a stack of names I had never seen before! Surely if a Roger Grumbel or Dave Williamson showed up on there I'd have known whose arrow to connect, But barring any sort of reinforcement on how a right-thinking Alamedan like Rog would have voted, I was at a loss. Alas, Grumbel and the Noose can't complain about anything now that they didn't tell us how to vote properly. All bad I say, all bad. A crime of omission. Curses upon you, your publication and everything you stand for and everyone you've ever known.

Coho Jerkins